LEC is a planning tool to optimize the envelope in view of energy demand of the building. On the one side, the energy demand will be calculated and estimated separately for the heating and cooling period of each climatic region; on the other side, the energy demands for heating and cooling will be summarized and identified within the framework of an overall estimation for the building. The estimation / certification of building  is carried out according to a star system.

Cooperation for the development of the program system LEC

The Program LEC is the result of a research project for two years, which was developed through the BBS INSTITUT - Germany in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts - HAWK Hildesheim/Germany and the Hefei University - Anhui/China. The development was complemented by the support and cooperation with Econet - China and PKPM.

econet - China: www.econet-china.com

China Academy of Building Research: www.pkpm.com.cn